Toms River

We put the FUN into fundraising!

Being locally owned and operated, New Jersey is our home, and we believe support for one another only strengthens our community.

We love to get involved with schools, nonprofits, and other businesses around the area to help raise funds for a cause!  

From spirit days to tile walls, we would love to be a part of your FUNdraising efforts!

1. Spirit Day at CMM – We can set up dedicated days at our studio where $5 per painter goes to your cause.

2. pARTy to You! – For PARTies at your location, we will bring several pieces of bisque for your guests to select from (plates, bowls, mugs, party animals, etc). For only $20 per item, plus a one time travel fee of $100, the bisque, all paint, glazing, firing, setup, clean up, and delivery of the final product is included! And best of all?? 25% of profits will come back to your organization!

3. The Great Tile Wall – We will sell tiles to your organization at a reduced price. You sell the tiles to your organization’s friends, families, supporters, etc. at an increased price. Your organization keeps the profit! Set a date to paint! We are happy to host a painting time at our location, or we can let you borrow all supplies to host a painting night wherever. We will glaze and fire the tiles. Your tile contractor installs the tiles on a wall at your facility.

4. Auction Projects – Auction Projects are the perfect solution to the basket-bore of school auctions! You purchase a piece from us and we help you design a fun project! Borrow our paints, take them to your classroom, bring it back to be glazed & fired. For a small fee, we can do all the writing/details/custom designs for you, or we’ll help you finish your masterpiece! We fire the item, you auction it off for a profit at your school! Done deal!

5. Paint It Forward – Paint It Forward is our newest FUN-draising option. Not only are funds raised for a cause, but awareness and education are shared with our CMM family and the surrounding community. It’s a great way to raise awareness and give back by painting it forward! Events normally last a month and for every painter who comes in to support the cause, $5 is donated to the organization.  We ask that the participating organization provide posters and informational material to display at our studio.

1. Call or email Samantha, managing owner, to discuss the program.


2. Advertise your event and we’ll help you on our social media outlets, in store, etc.!

Let us help put the ‘FUN’ in FUNdraising!